About Giclée Reproduction Prints

Giclée printing is a relatively new method of reproducing prints of
original art work. It is done by a very specialized high resolution
inkjet printer.

The Giclée process has revolutionized fine art printmaking and is
the most popular digital printing process used today.

Giclée prints are high quality art reproductions. They can be
reproduced in as small a run as one at a time. Each print in the
run will have the same high quality whether it is one or hundreds
and then can be printed on high quality paper or canvas.


                              About Prints on Web Site

All prints on my web site are made using acid free archival museum
quality paper/canvases and printed with the highest quality inks.

I can have Giclée prints of my original art work reproduced in many
sizes as long as they are not larger than the original art work and are
in proportional size .
If the size you want is not shown on website, contact me by email or
phone for quotes on size and price.

Delivery time for custom request may be longer than art work in stock
but special requests will not increase your cost.

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